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Student Norms

This Institution with an active involvement of students and faculty has evolved certain Non Negotiable Norms (NNN) with due to maintain its reputation among the academic fraternity.


Students must have 75% of attendance in each semester as per Osmania University (OU) norms.


Students should conduct themselves in a dignified way in and around the institute. Misbehavior with anybody and use of unparliamentarily language will be viewed seriously. Library & computer lab are places where extreme silence is desired.


Students are normally required to dress up decently. Otherwise, they are liable to be sent out of the institute. Every Friday will be observed as a day of formal attire. Boys to wear a Shirt, Trousers & Shoes, Girls to wear Saris / Salwar Khammez.


Students of RBVRR Institute of Technology are not permitted to resort to strikes, demonstrations and union activities in the college campus. Participation in any such activity shall automatically result in dismissal from the college.


Ragging is strictly prohibited. Any student indulging in ragging will be expelled from the college without any enquiry.


Students shall not object if their parents or guardians are contacted with regard to their irregularity in attending college, default in payment of fees, poor performance and failure in examinations.


Chatting is strictly prohibited in the Computer center. Any student found chatting on the net will not be permitted to further access the internet .


The Principal of the institution is the final authority with regard to the discipline in the instruction and has full power to suspend, FINE, rusticate or take any other action which is deemed necessary.

75% of teh time allotted to coverage of university curriculam.
25 of the time is fixed for coverage of job-oriented courses
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